Key & Compass presents:
SpeedIF of Destiny or Nothing, Punk
by Søren J. Løvborg

SpeedIF of Destiny or Nothing, Punk is a TADS 3 interactive fiction story and is © 2003 by Søren J. Løvborg. It was a participant in the Speed-IF... Of DESTINY event.

In this short Orwellian tale, your dreams are interrupted by the phone. You are needed at work. You are tired. You dare not tell anyone about your dreams. You are needed at work.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Version 1.0 of the story.


out in/s Youroffice Thestreet Yourapartment

Your apartment

> stand. answer phone. x me. x phone. x mirror.

> x window. out.

The street

> x lights. n.

Your office

> x rules. x note. s.

The street

> w. e. s.

Your apartment

> x mirror. enter mirror. out.

The street

> wore.

You run, into the darkness... the unknown void, which no street lights penetrate.




There are two ways you can defy them, either by disobeying the order to go to work (staying too long in the apartment at the beginning), or by breaking the mirror.


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This walkthrough is provided free of charge since I wrote this walkthrough prior to January 2015 when I began my Patreon account, and also because the work it's based on has less than fifteen locations (so I wouldn't have charged for it anyway). I've since reformatted this walkthrough to use my currently preferred style. I hope you enjoy it!

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