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About Speed-IF Jacket

April 21, 2002
Sam Kabo Ashwell

Sometime (probably Saturday night) I'm going to try a speedIF with the following premise: Every participant writes a number of short jacket quotes- a phrase of book-jacket type adulation, something out-of-context from a hugely in-depth literary analysis, some excuse for an opinion that the latest r*if moron spewed out, or something along those lines. Every participant should prepare a number of quotes equal to the number of other participants, assign each participant a quote (preferably randomly), and then at the opening of the allocated time whisper the quote to the appropriate participant. The games are then written to fit the quotes; ideally, each game should contain the quotes in the intro screen as well. I've posted early partly to rouse up more interest, and also to allow people a bit of time to work out quotes... sign object in the lounge.

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The Count of Monte Cristo

by Duchess

Pont du Gard
Inn (Inside)
Marseilles -
Pont du Gard Inn
M. Morel's
sleep↑take cross↓
d↓↑uenter bag↑give box↓
The Ball at
M. de Morcerf's

A very abridged story presented in three chapters: Escape, Freedom, and Revenge. Simple enough to play, but there are missing objects (eg: the people) and general bugs (eg: unwanted error messages) that detract from the narrative.

I should point out that taking the sun is NOT a bug; that one is intentional (reread the quotes at the beginning of the game).

>x door. x window. x floor. open slab. d.

>x object. take it. e.

>x bag. look in bag. x body. x slab.

>take body. w. drop body. e. close slab. enter bag. sleep.

>x sun. take sun. n.

>x purse. take purse. i. x diamond. pay. s. e.

>give purse. x cross. take cross.

>e. x box. take box. give box.

>x table. x glass. take glass. give glass. z.

↑ top

The Midsummer Banquet

by R. N. Dominick

Sorry, but as far as I know, it's not possible to avoid your dire fate in this one.

and Hot
Foyer←w Mansion

Mansion Steps

>about. credits. x scarecrow. w.


The butler prefers that you hand over your jacket, but neither option appears to have any effect on the rest of the game.

>x butler. 2.

Banquet Hall

I haven't found any way to refuse the drink, or otherwise not participate in the toast. Events will not proceed until you drink.

>x glass. toast. drink.

Bubbling and Hot

Not much to do here except wait it out.

>x water. smell water. z. z. x beam. z.

Banquet Hall

Avoid looking at your salad, when it arrives, to maximize your time talking to the people.

>x soup. eat soup.

>x Thor. x Freyja. x Count. x Countess. x Rorik.

>talk to Count. talk to Countess. talk to Rorik. 1. 1.

Talk to Thor and exhaust his topics. Known topics are: greetings, class, mathematics, work.

>talk to Thor. 1. topic class. 1. 1. topic mathematics. 1. 1.

Talk to Freyja and exhaust her topics. Known topics are: restaurants, work.

>talk to Freyja. 1. topic restaurants. 1.

Examining the salad starts the final sequence in motion. Unfortunately, there's no way to prevent the final outcome.

>x salad. eat salad. z. (Continue to wait or try new things until the camel arrives.)

>x tray.

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