[Key and Compass] Speed-IF y = 1/x

The solutions below are by David Welbourn.

December 8, 2001
Sam Kabo Ashwell
Setting: just before (or just after) the beginning (or end) of the world, cosmos, multiverse or similar. The PC's motives must, in some way, be related to his hairstyle (the more tenuous the connection the better). Extra points for including: divine bodily fluids, Swiss gold, candiru, John Donne, big green cliches, or an unrealistically attractive love interest who adds nothing to the plot and was obviously only put in to boost circulation. Close of play is 2100 mudtime (as if anybody cares if you overrun). Go!
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On the


by D. Jacob Wildstrom

You have twenty-eight turns to prevent the world's doom. Your tools for this task: a crayon and a signboard.

>x me. i. x crayon. x signboard. x vendor. x jewelry.

>buy jewelry. ask vendor about jewelry.

>draw. remove board. turn board. x board. wear board.

>x pamphlet. look. take bill. x bill.

>buy jewelry. x talisman. put talisman on pentagram.

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Inside the Galactic
Museum, at the
Speedo Exhibit
take comb↓
Corridor, deep
within the
secret compound
shoot guards
with staff↓
Cloning Labor-
atory, at the
main console

Captain Speedo, The New Generation

by Gilles Duchesne

Has new title card graphic.

>x Erik. i. x rock. x candiru. x picture. x plaque.

>x case. x comb. x fountain.

>put candiru in fountain. break case with rock. take comb.

>x Erik. i. x comb. x hair. x staff. x com. x encyclopedia.

>shoot guards with staff.

>x port. x compartment. put encyclopedia in port.

>take hair. x hair. put hair in compartment.

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Final Assault of the Big Green Cliches

by Sam Kabo Ashwell

I think I missed the point of this one. You and your companions (who are unaccountably absent from the room's description) are hiding behind a fallen pillar and fighting the "infidels". So it's a war. But who the two sides are, what they're fighting about, and what it is that kills everyone in eleven turns or so is somewhat unclear.

If there's more to this than examining your surroundings, shooting at the enemy and missing, and waiting for the end, let me know.

>x me. i. x rifle. x ikon. x Waptrap. x pillar.

>x Aur. x Mindbraid. x enemy. x hair. z. (wait until end)

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A Void

A Perfect Day for Candiru

by H. Helfgott

>i. x cup. x coin. x cliche. wake cliche. drink coffee.

>drop coin. i. x island. drop island. i. x compass.

>kill cliche with compass. x pate.

>draw circles. x pate. put compass in pate. put coffee in pate.

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