Key & Compass presents:
by Carl Muckenhoupt

Truth is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2014 by Carl Muckenhoupt (as "John Earthling"). It was an entry in the first ShuffleComp event. The author stated that this game was inspired by the song Truth by Ruthie Foster.

In this somewhat silly game, you play as someone in a self-imposed search for the truth. Explore this small city and expose all the lies! Can you find the truth?

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


VacantLot City HallLobby Commer-cialBoulevard Showroom FortuneTeller'sTent School-yard StateStreet Cross-roads ChurchStreet ChurchInterior ReadingRoom NaturalHistoryMuseumLobby CultureRow ArtMuseumLobby FictionSection



You are on a quest to find truth!

> x me. i. x man.

> x something strange. x nose.

> take nose.

*** You Win ***

Uhhhh, that was way too easy, and we didn't get any points. Let's explore everything else first.

> restart

> talk to man. listen to man. (+1)

> w.

State Street

> x crowd. x child. x sign. (+1)

> x candidate. listen to candidate. (+1)

> n.

City Hall Lobby

> x rack. (+1)

> s. w.


> x fence. x children. (+1)

> e. s.

Reading Room

> x terminals. (+1)

> x newspaper. (+1)

> s.

Fiction Section

> x books. (+1)

> n. n. e. s.

Culture Row

> x radio. take it. turn on radio.

> x history. x art. x motto. (+1)

> w.

Natural History Museum Lobby

> x skeleton. x pedestal. x plaque. (+1)

> e. e.

Art Museum Lobby

> x painting. x plaque. (+1)

> w. n. e.

Church Street

> x change. take it.

> x church. x tent.

> n.

Fortune Teller's Tent

> x ball. (+1)

> s. e.

Church Interior

> x windows. (+1)

> x pews. x preacher. x pulpit.

> listen to preacher. (+1)

> w. w. n.

Commercial Boulevard

> x billboard. (+1)

> e.


> x tv. (+1)

> x stand. (+1)

> x batteries. buy batteries.

> w. n.

Vacant Lot

> x fence. x handbill. (+1; mentions Radio News 42)

> put batteries in radio.

> tune radio to 42. turn on radio. (+1)

> x weeds. x sky. x saucer. (+1)

> s. s.


> x strange. x nose. take puss. (+1)

*** You Win ***





You have so far exposed your-score untruths out of a possible 21, in some turns.

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