Key & Compass presents:
Untold Riches
by Jason Ermer

Untold Riches is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2015 by Jason Ermer. It was an entry in IF Comp 2015 where it took 8th place.

You play as a teenage assistant to Professor Edsger d'Squarius, adventurer-archaeologist. You've assisted him in recovering several treasures in the past, often saving him from the situations he gets himself into. But now you are the one stranded on a remote tropical island and you don't even know what treasure you're looking for.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.


Cavern u d Vault GrassyPlain Rainforest Beach Lighthouse LanternRoom Waterfall Workshop TidePool 3 4 5 2 1 d u



> x me. i. x whistle. blow whistle. (It's loud.)

> x boat. search boat. (Nothing there.)

> x tree. climb tree. (You do so, but climb down again.)

> x sand. x sea. x islands. x forest.

> swim. dig sand. (Need a shovel.)

> se.

Tide Pool

> take tube. x it.

> open tube. x map. (Northwest region is prominent.)

> x symbols. x star. (Face looking west at a 7-pointed star.)

> put map in case. close case.

> x crab. x rocks. x pools.

> w.


We'll need light, probably that lost beacon the game keeps mentioning.

> listen. xyzzy.

> e. nw.


> w.

Instead of going west, you spot the emergency beacon washing up onto the beach.

> take beacon. x it.

> se. w. turn on beacon.


> take shovel. x it.

> x gate. x ladder. u.

Lantern Room

> turn off beacon. x ship.

> x lamp. push button. (Nothing.)

> x grease. take it.

> d. turn on beacon.


> grease gate. open gate. w.


> x mist. x furniture. (desk, stool, cot)

> x desk. x papers.

The papers describe an electrical network of five structures, starting from the water wheel, through three power stations, to the lighthouse.

> open drawer. take gloves. x gloves.

> x stool. x cot.

> x machinery. (wheel, track, crank, panel)

> x wheel. x axle. grease axle.

> x crank. x panel. turn crank. grease crank.

> x track. grease track. turn crank. (First bulb on the panel is lit.)

> w.


> turn off beacon.

> x waterfall. x vines. smell flowers.

> ne.


> x aziz. x key. (Aziz wants a snack.)

> ask aziz about snack. (No, use the syntax "talk to someone about something".)

> talk to aziz about snack. talk to aziz about aziz.

> talk to aziz about key. talk to aziz about professor.

> talk to aziz about me. talk to aziz about cracker. (No, he wants a crab.)

> talk to aziz about crab.

> x tree. x device. (cables go SW and SE.)

> push button. (Nothing happens.)

> x plants. x ferns.

> e.


> dig sand. (Denied; clues point to digging in the grassy plain instead.)

> se.

Tide Pool

> wear gloves. take crab. eat crab. nw. w.


> give crab to parrot. (Aziz flies off with it, dropping the key.)

> take key. se.


> x lighthouse. x station. push button. (Monkeys block you.)

> x monkeys. blow whistle. (They flee.)

> push button. (Nothing happens.)

> nw. w.

Grassy Plain

> x head. (It's looking southeast.) x eyes.

> x grass.

> turn head to west. (This was clued by the map symbols.)

> dig ground. x circle.

> move circle. d.


> x chest. take chest. unlock chest with key. open chest.

> x treasure. g. g. g. g. g. g. g.

> take treasure. u. s.


> x station. push button. (It's on.)

> ne.


> push button. (It's on.)

> se.


> push button. (It's on.)

> nw. e. se. w. turn on beacon. u.

Lantern Room

> push button.

The nearby ship is Captain Atlee's, and you are rescued and reunited with the professor who expresses delight with his new treasure and tells you about your next adventure.

*** The End ***

The game ends when you've both found the treasure and turned on the lighthouse lantern, in that order. If you try to turn on the lantern before you've found the treasure, you don't actually push the final button. And to "find the treasure", you must have taken it into your possession at least once, but it's not necessary to be holding the treasure when you turn the lantern on. You will lead the professor to where you left the treasure if it's not in your immediate possession at the moment of rescue.



This game contains a remarkable number of anecdotal asides about previous adventures you've had with the professor. These are the ones I found:



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