Key & Compass presents:
by Chris Cenotti

Zombies! is a Z-machine interactive fiction game written with Inform 6 and is © 2004 by Chris Cenotti. It took 5th place in the Commodore 32 Contest, where the storyfile entries could be no larger than 32K in size.

In this small horror game, you're an assistant janitor at the complex. Before Old Mac died last week, he warned you about the zombie research they were doing here and he must've been right because your boss just screamed "they're loose!" and pulled you into his office, locking the door. Then he collapsed, bleeding from serious bite wounds.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 4 of the game.


Office WarehouseN Kitchen Closet WarehouseS Shipping/Receiving The GreatOutdoors



> take bat. x bat.

> x desk. open desk. take pistol. x pistol.

> x boss. x wound. search boss. (take ammo and change)

> x ammo. put ammo in gun.

> x door. shoot door.

> s.

Warehouse N

> x drum. take chainsaw. x chainsaw.

> e.


> x plate. open plate. take key.

> unlock closet with key.

> open door. e.


> x explosives. take explosives. (not portable)

> w. s.


> x biohazard. x combustable.

> open combustable. take bag. x bag.

> open bag. x powder.

The powder can be sprinkled in a line for a makeshift fuse.

> open biohazard with bat.

> x brains. take brains.

> w.

Warehouse S

> x zombie. (It's Tina!)

> drop brains. (She's now distracted.)

> hit zombie with bat. (Her head goes flying.)

> x zombie. (find the outer door key)

> unlock door with outer key.

> s. (Not without revenge.)

> n. e. e.


> sprinkle powder. w.


Hm, we're making the fuse go south?

> sprinkle powder. s.


> sprinkle powder. w.

Warehouse S

> sprinkle powder.

You're not allowed to leave the room now until the fuse is lit.

Also, unfortunately, this is a guess-the-verb problem. You can't TURN ON or USE the chainsaw, instead:

> start chainsaw.

> open door. s.

The Great Outdoors

You have won






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