Key & Compass presents:
by Steph Cherrywell

Zozzled is a Glulx interactive fiction game written with Inform 7 and is © 2019 by Steph Cherrywell. It was an entry in IF Comp 2019 where it won 1st place overall and 2nd place for Miss Congeniality.

In this game set in Seattle's Grand Poseidon Hotel during the prohibition era, you play as Hazel Greene, one swanky sheba. You were making bedroom eyes at this hot-shot artist fella when the prohis raided the Lounge. Worse, all the giggle water is now actual water, everyone's disgustingly sober, and no one knows why. Now you really need a drink.

This solution is by David Welbourn, and is based on Release 1 of the game.

SPOILERS AHEAD. Reading a walkthrough prematurely can sometimes diminish one's enjoyment of an interactive fiction game. Please make an honest effort to play the game before reading this walkthrough.

Map of the Grand Poseidon Hotel, Seattle

out u d d d in u u DressingRoom NeptuneLounge Kitchen Gents'ChangingRoom TankBottom HotelLobby 1st FloorCorridor Natatorium BoilerRoom HotelOffice Vault Ladies'ChangingRoom AtlanticSuite ArcticSuite Insidethe Tank 2nd FloorCorridorWest End 2nd FloorCorridorMiddle 2nd FloorCorridorEast End PacificSuite Closet IndianSuite Gingerb'dArcticSuite Gingerb'dNeptuneLounge Gingerb'd2nd FloorCorridor Gingerb'dLobby Gingerb'dNatatorium DampCloset ThirdFloor ImbriumSuite MasterBedroom


You'll be playing as Hazel Greene. Do you want the rules?

> 1or2

You're in a bar, and there's a raid!

> 1or2

The lady prohi, Agent Byrd, orders her bulls to search the place. The owner of the Grand Poseidon, Mr Donnie Cantaloupes, claims innocence.

Weedy guy translates. Mr C can't say anything truthful.

A bull, Johnathan, reports there's no alcohol anywhere and everyone's sober.

Byrd orders the exits secured until the deception is uncovered. You make your way to the lobby.

Hotel Lobby

> x me. i. x rags.

> x mermaid. x tank. x Seattle. x desk.

> search desk. (You don't do searching.)

> x couches. x paneling.

> s. (The concierge briefly appears to block your way.)

> e. (There's a shimmer? Did you taste champagne?)

First Floor Corridor

> x paintings. e. (You taste freezing gin!)

A woman in spinster clothes walks beside you, stares at you, then walks north into the gent's changing room.


> x scene. (You find a shed door to the east.)

> x pool. x baths. x tiles.

> s.

Ladies' Changing Room

> x lockers. open lockers. (Too much to open at random.)

> x stocking. take it.

> n. e.

Boiler Room

Don't play with the wheel just yet. It adjusts the temperature of the pool.

> x pipes. x wheel. x boiler.

> w. n.

Gents' Changing Room

Hear breathing from locker 77.

> open 77. (Weird stuff happens!)

> 1. (You inhale. You're carried to a room and you sleep.)

> 1. (You stand.)


> x cot. x clippings. (all about ghost sightings.)

> x novels. n.

Second Floor Corridor, Right in the Middle

I suggest heading west to the elevator right away first, where we can get something very helpful, including information, and then explore the rest of this floor.

> w.

Second Floor Corridor, West End

> push button. (The elevator operator starts a chat with you.)

> 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1.

You put on the offered glasses and see a ghost! Interact with the ghost until you drink it!

> 3. 3. 3. 3. (You drink it!)

> 1. (Kip says you have the Taste as well as the Sight and pushes you back into the corridor.)

Thanks, Kip. You're a pal.

> i. x cheaters. wear cheaters.

> n.

The Atlantic Suite

You walk into a seance. A voice bids you SIT IN a chair.

> sit in chair. x Ping. (She's possessed!)

> x table. knock on table. (Can't do it while holding hands.)

Hm. Perhaps come back here later.

> stand. s. s.

The Pacific Suite

This room is boring.

> x picture. x bed. n. e. e.

Second Floor Corridor, East End

You see a glow from the cart.

> x cart. (It's possessed.! It needs laundry.)

> put stocking in cart. (It overturns, spilling a uniform and a ghost!)

> x ghost. drink ghost. (Ah. Your second drink.)

> x uniform. take it. x cart.

> n.

The Arctic Suite

> x note. read note. (Rowland Stork, the architect, mentions a secret gift in his room.)

> x dust. x bottles. x table.

> x model. (It has a ghost!)

> in.

Gingerbread Hotel Lobby

This is weird.

> n.

Gingerbread Neptune Lounge

Nothing in here.

> s. e.

Gingerbread Natatorium

> x pool. eat pool. (Nope. It's hard and old.)

> w. u.

Gingerbread Second Floor Corridor

> ne. (Just your head fits into...)

Gingerbread Arctic Suite

> x model. (A bomb with an "EMERGENCY DEFUSE" button!)

> push button. (You can't reach it with your tongue.)

Come back here later.

> sw. d. out. s. s.

The Indian Suite

Crispin is possessed by a ghost!

> x Crispin. x dropcloth. x canvases. x easel. x bowl.

You can take the bowl if you want to, but you don't need it.

> talk to Crispin.

> 1. 1. 1. 1. (He gives you a textbook)

> 2. (He doesn't know now, but if it was on the table, he'd know it.)

> 1. (He'd never be accepted.)

> 3.

> x textbook. (by Dr. Winston Clive)

> read textbook. (Need a beautiful container with three fruits.)

> sit on table. (He'd like that, but he must paint a container of fruit.)

> n. w. s.


Wearing the uniform will let you enter many places that are normally blocked to you.

> remove rags. wear uniform.

> n. w.

Second Floor Corridor, West End

> push button. 1. n.

Neptune Lounge

> x daiquiri. (You take the banana.)

> x banana. x blower. take it.

> x napkins. x chandeliers. x bar.

> x stage. (Placard for Barnaby Mooch the Magnificient Pooch)

> x placard. (Can unlock anything)

> x mural. (of Nereid vs Naiad, signed by C. Fourment.)

> e.


You can get in here while wearing the uniform. Otherwise, a concierge blocks you.

> x fridge. open it. take orange. x it. close fridge.

> w. n.

Dressing Room

> read reminder.

> x crate. x costumes. x props. x mirror.

Get the dog and test his tricks:

> open crate. (Barnaby Mooch is free.)

> x dog. toe tap. heel tap. click heels. (He farts!)

> take dog.

> s. s. s.

Hotel Office

You can get in here only while wearing the uniform.

> x apple. take it.

> x desks. x paperwork.

> e.


> x slot. x window. x door.

> put dog in slot. (He escapes and the ghost does too.)

> x ghost. drink ghost. (That's your third drink.)

Let's take our trained pooch to a seance:

> take dog.

> w. n. push button. 1. n.

The Atlantic Suite

> drop dog. sit in chair.

> toe tap. (The dog jumps, hitting the table.)

> heel tap. (The dog howls.)

> click heels. (Chaos erupts! Madame is unconscious, and the others fled.)

> x Ping. look. x ghost. drink ghost. (That's your fourth drink.)

> s. e. e. n.

Arctic Suite

> in. u. ne.

Gingerbread Arctic Suite

> blow blower. (You shut off the bomb, and a ghost emerges out the window.)

> sw. d. out.

The Arctic Suite

> x ghost. drink ghost. (That's your fifth drink.)

> s. s.

The Indian Suite

> eat apple. eat banana. eat orange.

> sit on table. (Crispin paints you, then leaves the painting and ghost behind.)

> x painting. (You can't look at it?)

> look. x portrait. (Ah, there it is.)

> drink ghost. (That's your sixth drink.)

Time to visit the third floor.

> n. w. w. push button. 2.

Third Floor

The palooka will let you in if you're wearing the uniform.

> x palooka. talk to palooka. (He growls.)

> e.

The Imbrium Suite

> x getup. take it.

> x goldfish. x aquarium. x couches. x carpeting.

> sit on couches. e.

Master Bedroom

> x Gams. (She's possessed!) x vanity. x bed.

> talk to Gams.

> 1. 1. 1. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

So, Gams wants a boiled oyster.

> w. w. w.

Damp Closet

You'll need to wear the mermaid getup for any swimming.

> x hatch. open it. (Water a foot down.)

> remove uniform. wear getup. drop all.

> d. d.

Tank Bottom

Don't worry much about drowning. It's not that sort of game.

> take oyster. x seaweed. x pebbles. x lobby.

> u. u.

Damp Closet

> remove getup. close hatch. take all but getup.

> wear uniform. x oyster.

> open oyster. (sealed tight!)

Head for the natatorium:

> e. push button. 1. e. e.


Check the pool. You want it boiling hot.

> x pool. put oyster in pool. (It sinks)

> e.

Boiler Room

Each turn of the wheel changes the pool temperature from boiling hot to bubbling hot to lukewarm to ice, then back to boiling hot again. You can re-take the oyster when it's bubbling or lukewarm, but not when it's boiling or ice.

I don't know what temperature the pool is to start with; it seems to vary. If necessary, turn the wheel as often as you need to to first get the water boiling, with the valve fully open, then just once more to reduce the heat.

> turn wheel. (as often as necessary)

> w.


If the oyster is cooked, it's now called Oysters Amour.

> x pool. x oysters. take oysters.

Now back to Gams on the third floor:

> w. w. push button. 2. e. e.

Master Bedroom

Weirdly, you can't just give the oyster directly. You must do it via her conversation menu.

> talk to Gams. 5.

She gives the oyster to Cookie and Vincent, her goldfish. Then she leaves, but her ghost stays.

> drink ghost. (That's your seventh drink.)

> w.

The Imbrium Suite

> x goldfish. (They're floating, swollen, and snoring. S'okay?)

Head back down to the ladies' changing room:

> w. push button. 1. e. e. s.

Ladies' Changing Room

I just want to be in our own clothes for the finale.

> remove uniform. wear rags.

> n. n.

Gents' Changing Room

> x locker. open locker.

> 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1.

You get a vision of the past that reveals several surprising secrets, get rid of the last ghost, drink the most epic of drinks, reunite a family, then stagger home with a new dog. Quite a night, Hazel.

*** THE END ***

Oddly, there's still a prompt since we're still in conversation menu mode.

> quit



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