The Four-Eyed Guide to TADS 3 by David Welbourn index

CLOSE dobjList


Related action: OPEN dobjList.

Default minimal behavior

What do you want to close?

>close floor
That isn't something you can close.

close matches VerbRule(Close) which invokes CloseAction. [TODO]

Summary of library references to closing

en_us\en_us.tShort description

Associates the grammars "close dobjList" and "shut dobjList" with CloseAction.

Note: VerbRule(tag) is a macro defined in en_us.h. Note: CloseAction is defined in actions.t (see below).


Short description


Defines class CloseAction: TAction

Note: DefineTAction(name) is a macro defined in adv3.h.

Note: TAction is a class defined in action.t.

precond.tShort description
thing.tShort description
Thing.dobjFor(Close) By default, one must be able to touch something before one can close it. Also, it is illogical to close most things, e.g.: 'That isn't something you can close.'


Short description

Openable.dobjFor(Close) If it's closed, the player is told it's already closed, e.g.: 'The safe is already closed.' If it's open, the game closes it with minimal fuss, e.g.: 'Closed.'
travel.tShort description
Door.dobjFor(Close) Handled almost the same as an Openable, except that the likelihood of closing a door one just travelled through is boosted to logical rank 120.
class AutoClosingDoor: Door This subclass of Door automatically closes itself when one goes through it, e.g.: 'After you go through the porch door, it closes behind you.'
en_us\msg_neu.tShort description
playerActionMessages.okayClose 'Closed. '
playerActionMessages.doorClosesBehind(obj) 'After {you/he} go{es} through {the obj/him}, {it/he} close{s} behind {you/him}. '
playerActionMessages.cannotClose '{That dobj/he} {is}n\'t something {you/he} can close. '
playerActionMessages.alreadyClosed '{The dobj/he} {is} already closed. '
playerActionMessages.currentlyClosed '{It\'s dobj} currently closed. '
npcActionMessages.okayClose '{You/he} close{s} {the dobj/him}. '