The Four-Eyed Guide to TADS 3 by David Welbourn index


Default minimal behavior

That Game Where You Blow Up The Rock Creatures by Leslie S. More

versionInfo: GameID
  name = 'That Game Where You Blow Up The Rock Creatures'
  byline = 'Leslie S. More'
  htmlByline = 'by <a href="">
                Leslie S. More</a>'
  version = '1.0'
  showCredit() {
  • • •

credits matches VerbRule(Credits) which invokes CreditsAction. [TODO]

Summary of library references to credits info


Short description

DefineSystemAction(Credits) Defines class CreditsAction: SystemAction
Shows credits information for each library:
foreach (local cur in ModuleID.getModuleList())
Note: DefineSystemAction(name) is a macro defined in adv3.h. Note: SystemAction is a class defined in action.t. ModuleID is a class defined in modid.t.


Short description

class ModuleID: object The base class for storing module info.
ModuleID.showCredit() By default, does nothing.
ModuleID.getModuleList() Finds, sorts, and returns a list of instances of ModuleID in the program.
class GameID: GameInfoModuleID Your game's sourcefile should define an instance of GameID (see yourgame.t below).
GameID.showCredit() Calls libMessages.showCredit(name, htmlByline) by default.
moduleAdv3: ModuleID Module info about the 'TADS 3 Library'.
anonymous ModuleID Module info about the T3 VM itself.


Short description

VerbRule(Credits) Associates the grammar "credits" with CreditsAction.


Short description

libMessages.showCredit(name, byline) "<<name>> <<byline>>"


Short description

versionInfo: GameID Define this instance of GameID in your game's source as suggested by the TADS 3 sample games. This should be a string with your game's name, e.g.: 'That Game Where You Blow Up The Rock Creatures'
versionInfo.htmlByline This should be a string with a byline for your game, e.g.: 'by <a href="">Leslie S. More</a>'
NOTE: GameID is defined in modid.t (see above).