The Four-Eyed Guide to TADS 3 by David Welbourn index

DRINK dobjList


Default minimal behavior

What do you want to drink?

>drink floor
That does not appear to be something you can drink.

drink matches VerbRule(Drink) which invokes DrinkAction. [TODO]

Summary of library references to drinking


Short description


Defines class DrinkAction: TAction

Note: DefineTAction(name) is a macro defined in adv3.h.

Note: TAction is a class defined in action.t.


Short description

objHeld: PreCondition The object must be held. A recursive TAKE command is implied.


Short description

Thing.dobjFor(Drink) By default, an object must be held before one can attempt to drink it, and even then, most things cannot be drunk because it's illogical (e.g.: 'That does not appear to be something you can drink.').


Short description


Associates the grammar "drink dobjList" with DrinkAction.

Note: VerbRule(tag) is a macro defined in en_us.h.

Note: DrinkAction is defined in actions.t (see above).


Short description

playerActionMessages.cannotDrink '{That dobj/he} do{es} not appear to be something {you/he} can drink. '