The Four-Eyed Guide to TADS 3 by David Welbourn index

Eye-Ful Tower of Classes

Files examined: actions.t, actor.t, exec.t, extras.t, objects.t, precond.t, resolver.t, sense.t, thing.t, travel.t.

The Tower of Classes

Top-level classes are sorted alphabetically. Subclasses are listed below their parent class(es).

When classes have multiple superclasses, it is listed multiple times. One instance is chosen as the 'main' instance, and the other instances link to it.

Boldface is used to denote an objects in the library that are not classes.

AgendaItem (actor.t) — something the actor wants to do Attachable (extras.t) BagAffinityInfo (extras.t)
BagOfHolding (extras.t)
BaseMultiLoc (objects.t) CanTouchInfo (thing.t)
CheckStatus (thing.t) Collective (objects.t) — mix-in; can be used to refer to a group of other objects collectively CollectiveGroup (objects.t) — abstract collective group object Direction (travel.t) DropType (thing.t) EquivalentStateInfo (thing.t)
FireSource (extras.t) — mix-in; can set other objects on fire FollowInfo (actor.t) — keeps track of a followable object
Linkable (objects.t) LocateInParent (objects.t) — mix-in; sets location to lexical parent
Material (sense.t) — base class for sensory passing materials MessageResult (exec.t)
MultiInstanceInstance (objects.t) — used by MultiInstance NameAsParent (???) noTopicObj (actor.t) — the topic of a NO command
OutOfReach (objects.t) — mix-in; sets its contents out of reach, optionally itself also
PendingCommandInfo (actor.t) PendingConvInfo (actor.t)
PendingResponseInfo (actor.t)
PlugAttachable (extras.t) — mix-in; maps PLUG/UNPLUG to ATTACH/DETACH
PreCondition (precond.t) PresentLater (extras.t) — mix-in; for setting up objects that aren't in the game until later
ProxyResolver (resolver.t) Posture (actor.t) PushTraveler (travel.t) — encapsulates pushed object with pushing object
Readable (objects.t)
Resolver (resolver.t) scriptStatus (actions.t) — (note: this object is transient)
Sense (sense.t) — base class for senses SenseInfo (thing.t)
SensoryEvent (objects.t) — a transient sound, sight, or odor which something might react to ShipboardRoom (travel.t) — mix-in; enables shipboard directions in room
SightObserver (objects.t) — mix-in; reacts to SightEvent
SmellObserver (objects.t) — mix-in; reacts to SmellEvent
SoundObserver (objects.t) — mix-in; reacts to SoundEvent
SuggestedTopic (actor.t) ThingState (thing.t)
TopicDatabase (actor.t) — mix-in; set of TopicEntry objects TopicEntry (actor.t) — part of a TopicDatabase; associates a topic with its handling TopicGroup (actor.t) — abstract container for a set of TopicEntry objects
TourGuide (extras.t) — mix-in; type of Actor that the PC can follow
TravelBarrier (travel.t) — a conditional barrier to travel TravelConnector (travel.t) — a special connection interface that allows for travel from one location to another
TravelMessageHandler (travel.t) TravelWithMessage (travel.t) — mix-in; adds a message as the connector is traversed UnlistedProxyConnector (travel.t) — acts as a proxy for another connector
VocabObject (thing.t) yesTopicObj (actor.t) — the topic of a YES command
BasicProd Exception ModuleExecObject OutputFilter PreinitObject Schedulable StringPreParser TAction ConvTopicTAction LiteralTAction TopicTAction

T2 to T3: Class correspondences