About Thinger


Thinger is a Perl program that generates webpages which list descriptions of things from interactive fiction games. It is very similar to my previous Responser project.

The raw input data comes from several files (such as beds.json.txt, mirrors.json.txt, etc.), in JSON format, UTF-8 encoding. All the JSON files are kept in a subdirectory called "json". Thinger also reads an image directory to determine which cover art images it can use in the output webpages.

Thinger's output is a set of .html files such as:

Format of the index.json.txt file


    {"type":"base name (in plural form)","super":"supertype",
     "about":"Briefly describe what this thing is. Indicate the general scope.",
     "seealso":[list of other types]


Format of the things.json.txt files

  "ID":{"title":"Title Of The Work","sfx":"Suffix","year":"publication year",
      {"name":"thing's name","type":"thing's type","loc":"Thing's Location",
       "desc":"Description of the thing."},...
      "Notes to myself."


I may well add other optional fields, like "subtype" or "tags".

The Thinger_QC program

This is a second program that analyzes the JSON datafiles; the "QC" stands for "Quality Control". I want to know if the data is not well-formatted or incomplete, where I'm having problems, and to make suggestions where I can improve the data. This program also taps into my main datafile for IF works, currently called gamejson.txt, from my IFIndexer project.

What Thinger_QC currently reports on:


Types of Things to Add?

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