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1.5: Acknowledgements and Copyright Notice

The FAQ is maintained by Stephen Griffiths (stevgrif "AT" actrix.gen.nz).

Many people have contributed to this document, so thanks to them. In particular, shiny stars to Jim Aikin, Adam Cadre, Volker Blasius, John Elliott, Julian Fleetwood, LucFrench, Stephen Granade, Neil K. Guy, Douglas Harter, John Hill, John Holder, Theodore Hwa, Jonadab the Unsightly One, Amir Karger, Stephen Kitt, Iain Merrick, Robin Munn, Graham Nelson, Chris Nebel, Bob Newell, Thomas Nilsson, Andrew Plotkin, Mike Roberts, Gunther Schmidl, Kent Tessman, Alex Warren, Roger Burton West, and John Wood, plus all the people I forgot to put here. Special thanks to Doug Harter for his efforts in scouring the newsgroup archives way back when (which sadly came to nought, but there you go), to Ivan Cockrum for providing webspace at textfire.com, and to Lorenzo Marcantonio for the FAQ's Italian translation.

Previous editions were maintained by David Glasser (glasser@iname.com), Julian Arnold (hippocampus@kwic.com), Jorn Barger (jorn@mcs.com) and David A. Graves (dag@cup.hp.com).

This FAQ is copyright 1998 - 2000 by David Glasser with subsequent changes made, with permission, by the new FAQ maintainer, Stephen Griffiths. Please feel free to quote from this document, but you must acknowledge this source. The FAQ, or individual parts of it, may be freely distributed by any means. However, no charge may be made for the distribution (save for the cost of the media itself) and part 1, in its entirety and including this copyright notice and details of how to obtain the full FAQ, must be included with any and all distributions.

It would be courteous to inform the FAQ maintainer if you wish to quote from (well, in anything other than a Usenet post or email or whatever) or redistribute the FAQ.

As this document is supplied gratis, with no demand or request for payment or other recompense, the maintainer is hereby pleased to announce that in no event whatsoever will he be held liable in any way for any loss of data, loss of earnings, loss of savings, general disappointment or other unhappiness resulting from the use of or abuse of or inability to use any and all information or misinformation within or indeed without this document, or from any admission or omission therein or thereof which either directly or indirectly causes any one, or any combination of two or more, of the aforementioned unpleasantries. On the other hand, feel free to attribute any good things which happen to you or those around you to this document in general, and to me in particular.

RAIF FAQ > Meta-FAQ information > 1.5: Acknowledgements and Copyright Notice