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2.3: ...and what topics are not appropriate?

Please don't post questions about specific adventure game puzzles to this newsgroup, as it was set up for discussion of interactive fiction from the point of view of the *author*, not the *player*. Please post these queries to the newsgroup rec.games.int-fiction, not here. Also, it is usually considered impolite to post bug reports for games or other software (including authoring systems) to either newsgroup. The software's author/maintainer would no doubt welcome a private e-mail though (and you usually get your name in the credits of the next release). Bugs may be reported on the newsgroup(s) if it is a bug which can reasonably be assumed to detrimentally affect other users of the software and/or can be easily avoided or remedied. (Bugs in the old Infocom games are commonly reported on rgif, especially when they are humorous.)

When discussing specific games, please be careful not to spoil them for readers who may not have played them. You have a few choices:

This is not a newsgroup for the discussion of traditional "static" or "passive" fiction. Literary magazine ads, advertisements for writers, and other general fiction topics should be posted to the appropriate newsgroup (alt.prose, misc.writing, rec.arts.books, rec.arts.poems, rec.arts.prose, etc.). However, this confusion has come up in the past (newcomers believing the group name means "International Fiction", for example), and a polite pointer is better than a "get this junk off the newsgroup" flame.

Discussions of MUDs (multi-user dungeons) belong on rec.games.mud.*, although discussion of multi-player IF theory is certainly appropriate here. Information on LARPs (live-action role playing games) and FRPs (fantasy role playing games) can be found in rec.games.frp.misc. Questions about the various "roguelike" games, such as "NetHack," "Angband," etc. should be posted to rec.games.roguelike.*.

Though posters may certainly post to raif in non-English languages, speakers of Italian may be pleased to learn that there is a newsgroup for Italian IF called it.comp.giochi.avventure.testuali.

You should of course follow basic netiquette conventions such as:

RAIF FAQ > About the newsgroup > 2.3: ...and what topics are not appropriate?