RAIF FAQ > About the newsgroup > 2.1: What is the purpose of rec.arts.int-fiction?

2.1: What is the purpose of rec.arts.int-fiction?

rec.arts.int-fiction is a reasonably low volume, high signal-to-noise newsgroup for the discussion of interactive fiction. Many threads are relevant to, and can be followed by, programmers and non-programmers alike.

In this newsgroup, we discuss the technical and artistic aspects of interactive fiction, as well as the actual processes of and tools for writing it. While we do mention specific IF games, it is typically in the context of comparing and contrasting their structure or artistic merit-- with emphasis on the development of IF as a literary genre and/or a form of computer-based art/entertainment.

An associated group, rec.games.int-fiction, focuses on playing interactive fiction with reviews, requests for hints and so on.

The two groups, rec.arts.int-fiction and its sister-group rec.games.int-fiction, as you might imagine, complement each other rather nicely. They are however distinct from one another and you should bear in mind their particular charter before sending a post. Posting to more than one group is generally not a good idea. Select the appropriate newsgroup and post only to that one. Just as you would not post questions about how to solve a specific game in this group, please refrain from posting questions on IF design and implementation in rec.games.int-fiction.

Remember, rec.arts.int-fiction is a discussion group, and will only function if people contribute to it. So, while you ought to just read for a week or two to get a taste of the flavor of the group before spicing things up with your first post, don't lurk too long. We do want to hear from you...

One must also realize that rec.games.int-fiction never discusses food in its off-topic posts. This is left up to raif.

RAIF FAQ > About the newsgroup > 2.1: What is the purpose of rec.arts.int-fiction?