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6.3: What is available on the World Wide Web?

There are a large number of Web pages devoted to, or at least relevant to, interactive fiction; too many to all be mentioned here.

The following is a short list of some of the best general interactive fiction Web pages. Most of the pages mentioned will contain links to other associated pages. Pages about specific authoring systems are listed in the section 4.4 "What authoring systems are available."

Brass Lantern
Up-to-date news, user guides, interviews, essays and reviews about text and graphic adventure games. Site is maintained by Stephen Granade (sgranade@brasslantern.org).

An excellent collection of IF website links maintained by Roger Firth.

A searchable collection of IF website links maintained by Ryan Freebern.

GUE Technical Institute
Up-to-date IF news, links and an IF Archive mirror site. Maintained by Brian C. Lane.

Interactive Fiction Scholarship
A collection of academic references related to interactive fiction by Dennis G Jerz.

Dennis G. Jerz Interactive Fiction Page
Introductory IF information and Inform programming resources collection maintained by university lecturer, Dennis G Jerz.

Interactive Fiction (IF) Authorship
Links to various articles on interactive fiction design and the TADS and Inform authoring systems; a number of useful TADS modules. Website by Stephen Grenade.

Twisty Pages/Interactive Fiction Criticism and Authorship
This excellent page, maintained by Stephen van Egmond (svanegmond@home.com), is an attempt to gather together many resources (papers, news articles, reviews, etc.) relevant to interactive fiction authorship and criticism in one place. There are also fully linked HTML versions of every article in the rec.arts.int-fiction archives.

This page is also notable for the excellent browsable index of the IF-Archive which Stephen has created.

Emily Short's Interactive Fiction Page
A collection of thoughtful essays of IF authoring issues and Inform programming.

Doe's Interactive Fiction Page
Homepage of IF'er Doeadeer, includes an IF 'history'; an interesting IF theory essay; Inform and Glulx information.

Oz Project Home Page
Scott Neal Reilly (wsr+@cs.cmu.edu) maintains this page. Details of the Oz Project, including a summary of its aims and links to several Oz papers (gzipped postscript) are here.

The IF Collaborator's List
Authoring interactive fiction requires a certain level of competence in two main disciplines-- namely, computer programming and (prose) writing. If you do not feel happy with your ability in either one of these areas then the IF Collaborator's List, maintained by Jay Goemmer (downbelow@ltlink.com) may be of interest.

The IF Assistance List
Also, Tom Raymond (sarwyse@yahoo.com) is running an IF Assistance List to fulfill the same purpose as the IF Collaborator's List -- bringing together writers, programmers and testers.

The Inform homepage
Maintained by the author of Inform, Graham Nelson (graham@gnelson.demon.co.uk) and others, this page has information on general IF topics as well as Inform-specific resources

RAIF FAQ > Internet Index > 6.3: What is available on the World Wide Web?