The solutions below are by David Welbourn.

March 11, 2001
Admiral Jota
This year, a very special XYZZY awards ceremony will coincide with the anniversary of the invention of cheese. One of the presenters is scheduled to be either Stephen Bishop or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. But alas, tragedy has struck! This tragedy will somehow involve, or possibly be solved by, a fruit basket filled with mangoes and/or Psmith. Bonus points will be awarded for mention of the numbers 21351 or 4+3i, giant squids, ramen, cork nuts, or yesterday. Feel free to take liberties, but not without my baby. You have two hours, until seven o'clock MUDtime Ready? Go!
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West End of
the Corridor


by Admiral Jota

>xyzzy. n. x basket. take it. s. w. x shadows. n.

>x door. x machine. put basket on machine.

>push button. x pot noodle. push button. x Psmith.

>push button. x reindeer. push button. x award.

>push button. x squid. push button.

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In the

Doom, Death, Destruction and All That

by Jason Dyer

You have a limited amount of time before the bomb goes off. You should be able to examine most of (but not all) of the following before the bomb goes off: roses, sundial, Psmith, crowd, seats, stage, gates. You can also try to listen to them, to see if they're ticking or not.

Caution: Trying to leave the room crashed my Hugo terp. Also, if you hit the pinata, the bomb explodes.

>x pinata. listen to pinata. x nose. push nose.

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North Corner of the
Auditorium Building
Outside the
Back Stage at
the XYZZYies
South Corner of the
Auditorium Building

A Night At The XYZZYies

by John Cater

Lots of scenery to look through.

>x stage. x pillars. x podium. x seats. x spotlights. x murals. w.

>x ropes. s. n. n. s. e. e.

>x step. x curtains. n.

>x table. x wheel. x clothes. x papers. x trophy. x case. open case. n.

>x dumpster. open it. x ramen. take ramen. x trophies. take trophies.

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Backstage at
the XYZZYs

Tragedy strikes at the XYZZY awards!

by Adam Biltcliffe

>x trapdoor. x bag. x basket.

>open bag. x helmet. x furnace.

>look. take basket. put basket in furnace. push button.

>x trophy. take it. throw it at trapdoor.

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by Jonathan Rosebaugh

>x me. i. x note. read note. x shirt. x khakis.

>x Bishop. x Alex. x Emily. x shady. x tables.

>x nut. take it. x cheese. eat cheese. x squid.

>x basket. look in basket. take real mango.

>Alex, hit shady. give nut to Alex. Alex, hit shady.

>take all from basket.

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