By request, this is a collection of responses to PLUGH in a multitude of if games. Like xyzzy, plugh is another magic word from Advent, and sometimes you can use it in other games, usually just to see a silly response that the author has snuck in.

For my sanity's sake, and also because it looks nicer, I'm only listing the responses that belong only to PLUGH here. If a game gives the same response to plugh as it did for xyzzy, go look for it on the xyzzy page.

The Duel in the Snow

A bad idea because you don't have any agricultural expertise and you don't possess a plough anyway. Also, your spelling is poor.

Augmented Fourth

A hollow voice asks, "How do you pronounce that, anyways?"

Coke Is It!

A hollow voice says, "Ahhhhhhh."


A hollow voice says, "Jolt Country: The Great On-Line Empire. [phone number omitted]."

The Erudition Chamber

A hollow voice mutters, “Why two?”

Spodgeville Murphy and The Jewelled Eye of Wossname

A hollow voice resists the urge to say "Cretin".

Ad Verbum

A sonorous voice, straining to sound hollow, delivers a short lecture. "The word 'plugh' contains the word 'gulp' spelled backwards, and thus is an interesting candidate for inclusion in a letter-palindrome. However, no one knows how to use this word in a sentence, and everyone knows how to use the word 'plug,' which actually is the word 'gulp' spelled backwards, so the usefulness of the word 'plugh' is actually quite limited."

Krakatoa Tuna Melt

A squeaky voice says, "Oh, very well. You can visit http://webhome.idirect.com/~dswxyz/sol/plugh.html too. Happy?"

Six Stories

Ah, an Adventurer or Zork freak from way back, I assume. Iím afraid, however, that this game does not support this command. Please refer to the documentation for commands that actually work here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tookie's Song

As you speak the magic word, three small holes open in a nearby wall. Out of the openings pour three conga lines of identical bright green pixies, complete with pointed ears, diaphonous fairy wings, and tiny green sombreros. The pixies fly in intricate formations as synthesizer music plays from somewhere, speeding around the room, flying faster and faster, pirhouetting and twirling. The music reaches an intense crescendo, and the pixies launch into a synchronized sombrero toss, flinging the little hats back and forth, until each of them catches a sombrero at the exact same instant that the music stops. You appluad, humming the catchy tune, while the pixies file back to the holes in the wall. They disappear into the darkness, and the holes are sealed over with rock, leaving no trace that they were ever there.

It Could Only Happen To You

Bless you.

Jarod's Journey

Did Jarod just sneeze?

The Mage Wars: Statue

[Don't "plugh" me, you xyzzy!]

1893: A World's Fair Mystery

For some reason, one of the mystic words of power which you learned when infiltrating the freemasons guild of Boston comes to mind, and you say it out loud. To your relief, nothing happens.


Thorfinn's Realm

Hmmm, that's funny. Nothing happens.


.i le bridi po di'u na slabu mi


In a hollow voice, you mispronounce the only word in Dutch you can remember.

Chicks Dig Jerks

Luc -- good call about the bar, dude.


Nobody recognizes that verb, anymore.


Nothing at all happens.

A scurvy gift for Bosn Chuck

Nothing happens.

Return to Zork: Another Story

Nothing happens. (In this game.)


Real adventurers do not use such language.

The Gostak

Real gostaks don't use such doatchings.

Broken Legs

Sure, you might as well do some vocal exercises.

"Plu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ugh!" It sounds terrible. Why can't it sound good?

OK, fine, second time's a charm.

"Plu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ugh!" It sounds terrible. Why can't it sound good?

Come on, Lottie, it's not like you're going to magically improve.

"Plu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ugh!" It sounds terrible. Why can't it sound good?

Note: You can also do vocal exercises via "xyzzy". Doing either xyzzy or plugh increases a shared internal counter to determine which first paragraph to respond with.


That's against Space Force Regulation 1885.


There is a puff of orange smoke and suddenly...You're at Y2! Just kidding, actually nothing happens.


There's no verb in that sentence!

>x plugh
It looks like an ordinary The battle is over. to me.

Earth and Sky

Try a glass of water. That helps sometimes.

Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I.

Try "xyzzy," wiseguy.


Wouldn't that be "plough"? You aren't a farmer.

MIKE: Aaargh, she's trying to be funny!
TOM (as mimesis): Ouch! *Dies*
CROW: Oops, wrong game, sorry.
MIKE: But the player killed it.

Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort

Yon hollow voice repeateth ye.

[Sound effect: A hollow voice says "Plugh!"]


You are suddenly transported to another place, where a gorgeous young girl resides!

A Bet's a Bet

You can never say that without spittle escaping from the corner of your mouth.

Friendly Foe

You could never say that word without spitting.


You're sinking to new depths.


You utter an ancient word of power, but all that happens is that your son appears, laughs at your antics and makes some remark about "Adult behaviour"

Games that recognize "plugh" differently from "xyzzy", but are shown on the xyzzy page instead since they are used as a follow-up or complimentary response to whatever "xyzzy" doesErehwon; Pass the Banana; Pillow; Reality Show; She's Got a Thing For a Spring

Games that recognize both "plugh" and "xyzzy", and sometimes the responses are the same, and sometimes they're different, depending on what part of the game you're in.Photograph

Games that recognize "plugh", but give the same result as "xyzzy" (not counting the magic word itself, if used in the reply)Aayela; The Adventures of the President of the United States; Are You A Chef?; A Bear's Night Out; The Bryant Collection; Bugged; Castle Amnos; CC; The Chasing; Cheater; Chicken and Egg; Christminster; City of Secrets; Colours; Coming Out of the Closet; Competition Aught-Three; Cough Cough; The Cove; Curses; Deja Vu; Ditch Day Drifter (Inform port); Domicile; Downtown Tokyo Present Day; Dragon!; Ein Bär Geht Aus; Elements; Enemies; Episode 2: Revenge of the Mutant Spiders; Eruption; Evil Brain Five; Fine-Tuned; First Things First; Four In One; Frobozz Magic Support; Galatea; A Good Breakfast; Got ID?; Guard Duty; Halothane; Harrington House; Health Inspector; Hell: A Comedy of Errors; Heroine's Mantle; In The End II; The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Too!; Inevitable; Intro to Jabberwocky; Janitor; Katana; King Arthur's Night Out; Kissing the Buddha's Feet; Learning to Cross; Letters From Home; Lost In New York; The Lost Spellmaker; Lunatix: The Insanity Circle; Masquerade; Masters of Toasting; Max Blaster and Doris de Lightning Against the Parrot Creatures of Venus; Metamorphoses; The Mind Electric; MST3K1 (Detective); MST3K2 (A Fable); Muse; Nevermore; A New Day; No Room; No Time To Squeal; Of Forms Unknown; Ophelia of Denmark; Perilous Magic; Phlegm; Plaque; Poor Zefron's Almanac; Prized Possession; Prodly the Puffin; Ralph (from Comp96); The Recruit; Redemption; Resonance; Return to Silli Productions; Reverberations; Risorgimento Represso; Savoir-Faire; Shadowgate (Inform adaptation); A Simple Theft; Sins Against Mimesis; Skipping Breakfast; SpeedIF 11, part six; Spiritwrak; Stiffy Makane: The Undiscovered Country; A Stop For the Night; The Story of Morris the Chicken Being Helped By a Squirrel; The Temple; Theatre; There Is No Bread; Tinseltown Blues; A Troll's Eye View; Underground Compound; Vacation Gone Awry; Winchester's Nightmare; YAGWAD

Games that don't recognize "plugh", but use mistype.h which amusingly mistranslates it into some other word, like "hug"The Canapes of Death

Games that don't recognize "plugh"
#: +=3; 1981; 4 Seconds; 9:05; 98769765;
A: A Beginning; A Brain in the Rain; A Change in the Weather; A Dark and Stormy Entry; A Day for Soft Food; A Dino's Night Out; A Moment of Hope; A Monkey Stole Your Toast!; A Night at the Museum Forever; A Night Guest; A Paper Moon; Above and Beyond; Acid Whiplash; Adoo's Stinky Story; Adventures of Helpfulman; Aesthetic Deletions; Agency; Alien Abduction; All Quiet on the Library Front; All Roads; Amissville (the Z-code one); Amnesia; Anchorhead; And the Waves Choke the Wind; Are you Too Chicken to Make a Deal?; Arrival; The Ascot; At the Bottom of the Garden; At Wit's End; August; Auden's Eden; Augustine; Aunt Nancy's House;
B: Babel; Back To Life... Unfortunately; Back to WakeUp; Bad Machine; Bane of the Builders; Bank of Zork; Bareback Mountain; Basic Train-ing; Beat the Devil; Behaviour; Being Andrew Plotkin; Being the Little Guy; The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man; Beta Tester; Beyond the Blue Event Wall; Bio; Bliss; Blow Job Drifter; Blue Lacuna; The Blueprint; Bmissville; BOFH; Break-In; BSE; Bunt; Burnt Toast; Business As Usual; Byzantine Perspective;
C: CaffeiNation; Calliope; Casino Viridoso V; Cask; Cattus Atrox; Centipede; Cerulean Stowaway; Chaos; Cheating Death; Cheer Up; Chicken!; Chickens of Distinction; Chico and I Ran; Coffee Quest II; Coffins; Color and Number; Coming Home; Common Ground; Concrete Paradise; Condemned; Congratulations!; Constraints (from Comp02); Containment; Couch of Doom; Countdown to Doom; Cranial Pounding; Critical Breach; Crusade; Crystal Ball; Curse of Manorland; Custard;
D: Dead of Winter; Death Death Death Death; Death To My Enemies; Death Waif; Death's Scavenger Hunt; Degeneracy; Delusions; Delvyn; Desert Heat; Dig Dug; Dinner with Andre; Dinnertime; Discord; Donkey Kong; Dragon George and the Man; Dragon Resources Stories; Drama Queen 7 - Mother knows best; Dual Transform; The Duel that Spanned the Ages; Dutch Dapper IV: The Final Voyage;
E: Earl Grey; Elephants and the Afterlife; English Suburban Garden; Enter the Ninja; Episode in the Life of an Artist; Escape from a Planet Filled with Monkeys!; Escape From the Arboretum; Escape From the SS Borgarís; Escape from the Starship Zenon; Eterna Corp; Evacuate; Even Bantams Get the Blues; Exhibition;
F: Fail-Safe; Falling Angel; Fate; Fear; Fido and the Dead Body; Fifteen; Film at Eleven; Flamel; Flat; Flotsam; Foggywood Hijinx; For A Change; Fort Aegea; Freedom; Friar Bacon's Secret; Friday Afternoon; Frustration; Frozen; Fun and Games; Fusillade; Futz Mutz;
G: The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode; Garden of the Dragon; GATOR-ON, Friend to Wetlands!; Generic Title; George; Ghost Ship; Gleaming the Verb; Glowgrass; Got Toast?; Gourmet; The Grand Quest; Grounded in Space; Guess The Verb!; Guitar of the Immortal Bard;
H: Hallway; Hank Buzzcrack Has a Job to Do, God Damn It; The Hangover; Happy Ever After; Harlequin Girl; Heist; Hercules First Labor; Here Be Dragons!!!; Heroes; Hey, I'm Supposed to Be Free Range; House on Haunted Hill; Human Resources Stories; Hunter, In Darkness;
I: I-0; Identity Thief; I'll; In The End; In the Spotlight; Inform School; Informatory; Inheritance; Insider Information; Interface; Internal Documents;
J: Jacks or better to murder, Aces to win; Jane; Jeenin Tonn-nx; Jigsaw; John's Fire Witch; Journey From an Inlet; Jump;
K: Kaged; Kallisti; Kingdom Without End; Koan;
L: La Lagune de Montaigne; Large Machine; LASH: Local Asynchronous Satellite Hookup; Last Days of Doom; Leaves; Lethe Flow Phoenix; Life on Beal Street; Lightiania; Lists and Lists; Literacy; Little Blue Men; little girl in the big world; Living Room; Lomalow; Losing Your Grip; Lost; Lost New York; Lurk. Unite. Die. Invent. Think. Expire.;
M: Madame L'Estrange and the Troubled Spirit; Maiden of the Moonlight; Marble Madness; Masta'mind; Mazemapper; 'Mid the Sagebrush and the Cactus; Moments Out Of Time; Moonbase; Mother Loose; Mr. Remote Mom; Music Education; My Angel; Myth; MythTale;
N: Need! More! Toast!; The Nemean Lion; Nine Points; Not Just A Game; Not Just An Ordinary Ballerina; Not Made With Hands; Not Much Time; NPC Engine Demo Story;
O: Offensive Probing; On a Horse With No Name; On The Cross; On the Farm; Once and Future; One Foot Down; One Week; Only After Dark; Orpington; Out of the Study; Outsided;
P: Pantheon, Party On; Passenger; Perdition's Flames; Photopia; Phred Phontious and the Quest for Pizza; Pick Up the Ice Cream Truck and Die; Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle; Pick Up the Phone Booth and Die; Pick Up the Phone Booth and Dye; Piece of Mind; Pintown; Pirate Adventure; Pirates and Ninjas and Aliens, Oh My!; Pollo y Camino (a.k.a. Chicken and Road); Pop Music and Chocolate; Potsticker; Puddles on the Path; Punk Points; Punkirita Quest One: Liquid; Purple; Pytho's Mask;
R: Rameses; Ramón and Jonathan; Rape, Pillage, Galore!; Reality Railroad; Reality's End; Rematch; Rent-A-Spy; Research Dig; Return to Doom; Rippled Flesh; Rover's Day Out; Rox; Runes;
S: Samurai Tea Room; Sardoria; Sea Captains; Scary House Amulet!; Schroedinger's Cat; Screen; Screw the Boston Tea Party; Service With A Smile; Shade; Shadows On The Mirror; Shattered Memory; Shrapnel; Silence of the Lambs 2; Silicon Castles; Sisychickenphus; Slacker X; Slouching Towards Bedlam; Small World; Snowquest; So Far; Sophie's Adventure; South Beach Rum Runner; Spacestation; Sparky and Boots; Sparrow's Song; SpeedApocalypse; SpeedIF 19; Spelunker's Quest; Spider and Web; Spitting Crumbs; Spyder and Jeb; Stairs; Star Hunter; Star Rider; Stargazer: Prologue; Statue; Stone Cell; Stranded; Strangers in the Night; Stupid Kittens; Sunset Over Savannah; Sylenius Mysterium; Symetry;
T: Tales From The College Presents A Breath Of Fresh Blair; Tapestry; Taxes; Temple of Kaos; Temple of the Orc Mage; Terrible Lizards!; TG-TADS: Prototype I; The Acorn Court; The Angel Curse; The Atomic Heart; The Awakening; The Beetmonger's Journal; The Best Man; The Big Mama; The Body; The Case of Samuel Gregor; The Chicken Under the Window; The City; The Clock; The Coast House; The Crescent City at the Edge of Disaster; The Cross of Fire; The Cruise; The Damp Camp; The Damsel and the Dragon; The Djinni Chronicles; The Edifice; The Epitome of Toastlessness; The Evil Sorcerer; The Family Legacy; The Fat Lardo And The Rubber Ducky; The HeBGB Horror!; The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; The Homework of Little Carl Gauss; The House; The House of the Stalker; The Isolato Incident; The Land of the Cyclops; The Last Laugh; The Legend of Lady Magaidh; The Lesson of the Chicken; The Magic Toyshop; The Man From DEFRA; The Masque of the Last Faeries; The Mean Story; The Meteor, the Stone and a Long Glass of Sherbet; The Moonlit Tower; The Mulldoon Legacy; The Mulldoon Murders; The Newcomer; The one about the chicken, the lion and the monkey?; The Pickpocket; The Possibility of Life's Destruction; The President, the Democrats, and Smelly Pete; The Queen of Swords; The Ritual of Purification; The Road to Destruction (featuring Bob Hope); The Space Under the Window; The Spot; The Statuette; The Tale of the Kissing Bandit; The Tarot Reading; The Tempest; The Tenyaka Memorial of Vegreville; The Thorn; The Tower of Beef; The Town Dragon; The Visitor; The Weapon; The Wedding; The X Chicken; They're After You!; Things; Time and Dwarves; Time Place People Water Way; Timeout; To Get To The Other Side; To Otherwhere And Back; Tommy the Toaster; Total Paddling Mania; Transfer; Trapped in a One-Room Dilly; Travels in the Land of Erden; Tryst of Fate; Tube Trouble; Tyler's Great Cube Game;
U: Ugly Chapter; Upwards and Onwards; Unity;
V: Vacationing in Scotland; Varicella; Vicious Cycles; Vindaloo; Visualizing; Voices;
W: Wearing the Claw; Werner's Quest (all 4 parts); What Dreams May Come; Wheel; When Help Collides; William Tell: The Game!!!!!!!!!!!; Winter Wonderland; Withdraval Symptoms; Wooden Cat vs. Robot Monkey; Wormwood Days II: The Aftermath;
Y: You Are Here; Your Choice;
Z: zork, buried chaos

Games where you can't enter "plugh" because it's a menu-driven game or mouse-driven game or Z-abuse or similarA Man Named Bill; Promoted; The Knapsack Problem; Sweet Dreams; Trap Cave; Words Get Twisted Round and Tumble Down; zRogue

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