Your singing is abominable.

August 2009. In the spirit of the PLUGH and XYZZY responses pages, I thought I might try a SING responses page as well. SING is a standard verb but it's a rare game where it's actually useful. Responses to SING are often as whimsical and pointless as any response to XYZZY, but somehow, a lot fewer people complain that SING is "old" or kill the PC for daring to SING, regardless how inappropriate singing might be within the context of the game.

Authors and beta-testers should take note: a default response to SING might not make much sense if the player character is not human, is gagged, is carrying something in his or her mouth, doesn't have a mouth, is mute, has laryngitis, is seriously ill, is underwater or swimming, is in airless space, is choking on noxious or poisonous gas, is using a snorkel or other breathing apparatus, is hiding or sneaking around, or if any other people are nearby.

69,105 Keys

You sing:
"You can't ride in my little wagon,
 The front seat's broken, and the back wheel's saggin'.
 Chug. Chug. Chug chug chug.
 Next verse, the same as the first!
 A little bit LOUDER and a little bit WORSE!"


You are not one given to song.

Adventurer's Consumer Guide

Absolutely not. On your last product-testing mission you had an accident involving a bunch of drunken cultists, a defunct Mind Control Ray Weapon and a mutant sacrificial goat, and therefore you happen to be the high priest of the Temple of Tentacles, and thus any singing you do would result in the summoning of He Who Must Not Be Mentioned (Hastur).


sing what?
> sing song
OK, 'song'!

[Note: SING seems to be a synonym of SAY in this game.]

The Act of Misdirection

The crowd is not here to hear your arias. They are here to see your Ariel.

[hm. Are there other responses in other locations once off the stage?]

Aesthetic Deletions

Alas! You sound awful.


Someone might notice.


Being an accomplished opera singer, you regale the empty room with a beautiful aria.


Sing a sad song... You start off singing softly to yourself; what must appear to be but a mumble to the other shoppers. But then you slowly get louder and louder until everyone in the shop is glancing nervously at you. It seems the more you sing the more uncomfortable everyone gets. You stop, chuckle. Then continue with your shopping; the aisles seem more empty somehow.

Alcohol solves everything

If you could sing, you would have tried for a career in the music business - as it is, you choose to only display your abilities (loudly) in the privacy of the shower room.

[Note: There is a shower, and you can remove your clothes, enter the shower, close it, and turn it on, but you still can't sing.]

All Things Devours

You sing out a few clear notes.

The Amazing Uncle Griswold

The desire to burst into song is one best suppressed considering the state of your singing voice.


You try, but your heart's not in it.

an apple from nowhere

The Art of Fugue

Attack of the Yeti Robot Zombies

Singing is for sissies!

Augmented Fourth

Singing was never your forte.


It sounds as if the minstrels have things well in hand. No need to go spoiling things.

Aunts and Butlers

You're not in the mood.


You could hum any song or piece of music in a low voice.

Back To Life... Unfortunately

Funnily enough, you're not in the mood for singing.

Blue Lacuna

You sing quietly, an old song you learned as a child, forgotten for years until surfacing now.

Broken Legs

[Cycle through:]

[If Alexandra is here, add one of:]

[If Kassie is here, add:]
"It's OK," Kassie offers. "Sometimes I fuck up too."

[If Seraphina is here, add:]
Seraphina's stopped singing. Too bad she's also got a vomitous glare-face. "I went here to get away from bad singing," she snaps. "Not to hear more."

The Bryant Collection

Your singing is passable.

Business As Usual

You sing a song about your most recent adventures.

Byzantine Perspective

Although you certainly feel inspired by the grandeur of the [name of the current room], you feel that it may be tactically unwise to burst into song.


You haven't sang in public since that incident in Liverpool, and you're not about to start now.


[This is serious.]

Couch of Doom

Something by the latest teenybopper runs through your mind, but you're not willing to admit that you know that song, even to yourself.

Critical Breach


There is a reason why you serve in God's Army, rather than His Choir.

The Duel in the Snow

You have never had a terribly good voice, Victor Pavlovich. Better not.

Earl Grey

Good is not the word.


You are too shy to raise your voice, and just hum tunelessly.

The Fox, The Dragon, and The Stale Loaf of Bread

Your singing is delightful.

The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode

You sing the theme song to the Care Bears.

The Grand Quest

You don't feel like it.


You have no external speakers with which to produce noise such as singing.

It's Easter, Peeps!

You bellow the first song that comes to mind, which is, oddly enough, "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town."

"You may be rushing the season just a wee bit," the shopkeeper comments.

'Mid the Sagebrush and the Cactus

You get ready to sing Billy the Kid, but cough up a little blood instead. It's worse than you thought.

Rover's Day Out

[Cycle down, repeating the last:]


You have no songs to sing.

Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort

Ye singeth of ye tuneless ditties & melodies.

Default responses to SING


You sing a little song.

1st Time; 3 Minutes to Live; The ADRIFT Maze; The ADRIFT Project - Classified; ADRIFT-O-RAMA; ADRIFTmas Party; Adventure Strikes When You Least Expect It; Agent 4-F From Mars; The Amulet; Amy And The Raging Hormones; The Angel, the Devil and the Human; ARGH's Great Escape; Asteroid Aftermath; The Hangover


Your singing is abominable.

2604; 30 Minutes; 98769765; A AAAAA AAAAAAAAA; The Abbey; An Abbreviated Night Before Christmas; Accuse; Acid Whiplash; The Acorn Court; Across the Stars; An Act of Murder; Adoo's Stinky Story; AFGNCAAP - IF Agent! Todays Adventure: Holy Goat!; The Airport; Alabaster; All Quiet on the Library Front; Alma Mater; The Amazing Interactive Turing Machine; And So It Goes; And the Waves Choke the Wind*; And Then is Heard no More; Andreas Thorwald Cross; The Angel Curse; Annoyed Undead; Another Day, Another Sea Monster; Another Earth, Another Sky; Another Goddamn Escape the Locked Room Game; Apartment F209; The Apocalypse Clock; Apocolyptica; Apollo 11; Appallatron; Are You A Chef?; Are you Too Chicken to Make a Deal?; Armario de Auga; The Art of Deception; Assignment; Asylum (by cpuguy); At The Bottom Of The Garden; The Atomic Heart; Attack of the Terror Tabby!!!; Auden's Eden; Aunt Nancy's House; The Awakening; Azteca; Back to WakeUp; Bareback Mountain; Basic Train-ing; BSE; The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man; Beta Tester; The Blueprint; Bunt; Containment; Drama Queen 7 - Mother knows best; Dual Transform; The Duel that Spanned the Ages; Eruption; GATOR-ON, Friend to Wetlands!; Gleaming the Verb; Grounded in Space; Krakatoa Tuna Melt; Return to Silli Productions; Resonance; A speedIF O entry; Spelunker's Quest; Squeaky on the Moon; Star Hunter; This is the game that I wrote; worm; Yay Games; zork, buried chaos

* Probably shouldn't be a default message when the PC is gagged.

Unrecognized responses to SING

The following games don't recognize the verb "SING" at all and give whatever default response is appropriate for a command where the verb is not understood. See the NOTUNDERSTOOD page for the actual responses.

1981; Arid and Pale; Amusement Park; ASCII and the Argonauts; The Ascot; Babel; The Nemean Lion;

Can't input a SING command

Some games replace the usual I/O standards, and it might not be possible to type in arbitrary commands. Here are some games where SING just isn't a choice (for whatever reason):


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