[Key and Compass] Speed-IF Jacket 2


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About Speed-IF Jacket 2

April 13, 2003 (PM)
Sam Kabo Ashwell

A few guidelines: fifteen-odd quotes per person is likely to be ridiculously constrictive for a SpeedIF, so feel free to abandon ones you're having difficulty with (a minimum of four or five is advisable, though. And they're so good it seems a shame to waste any). As ever, nobody cares if you take too long, play on Sunday, etc., unless you overrun by a week or so, in which case Gunther will have your head on a pole. Also, it'd be nice if when you write your games, you include the quotes you used somewhere obvious, like right at the start, so that people can go 'aww, he didn't use my quote' and quit in a sulk.

In the unlikely event that anyone manages to use *all* their quotes, I may have to find a prize of some sort. Regardless of whether this was done in time limits. Because, jesus, it's not humanly possible.

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