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As the XYZZY responses page grew, I found myself becoming annoyed with myself for including the responses that clearly had nothing to do with XYZZY per se, but were simply the default responses from games that didn't recognize something like XYZZY as a valid command. So, I thought, let's try to remove that cruft to its own page and leave just the "good" and relevant responses there.

Which means this page is going to be rather pathetic to read, isn't it? Like, how many ways are there, really, to say "so sorry, but that command you just typed just wasn't understood"? And why would there be lots of variants? Aren't the usual default messages adequate for such a basic need? Well, let's find out.

Do you want to see the NO-DO, PLOVER, PLUGH, PRAY, SING, THINK, or XYZZY page next?