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In the spirit of the plugh and xyzzy responses pages, I thought I might try a sing responses page as well. Sing is a standard verb but it's a rare game where it's actually useful. Responses to sing are often as whimsical and pointless as any response to xyzzy, but somehow, a lot fewer people complain that sing is "old" or kill the PC for daring to sing, regardless how inappropriate singing might be within the context of the game.

Authors and beta-testers should take note: a default response to sing might not make much sense if the player character is not human, is gagged, is carrying something in their mouth, doesn't have a mouth, is mute, has laryngitis, is seriously ill, is underwater or swimming, is in airless space, is choking on noxious or poisonous gas, is using a snorkel or other breathing apparatus, is hiding or sneaking around, or if any other people are nearby.

Do you want to see the NO-DO, NOTUNDERSTOOD, PLOVER, PLUGH, PRAY, THINK, or XYZZY page next?